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Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Clean Cat

Sometimes the best intentions are so unappreciated.

Upon my return home from an afternoon of frolicking in the sun with my cousins at Atlantis I decided to give my cat a bath. This is not a battle I choose to fight too often. I did it as gently as I could and I tried not to spring any surprises on her. First I sat her on my lap and explained what I was about to do.

Now you might think I'm crazy but I firmly believe she could understand from my serious tone that something was about to happen that she wasn't going to like. It's the same tone I have reserved for informing her that she will be going to the vet, or that it's time to take medication, or that I have to stuff her in a little box for several hours so that we can travel thousands of miles away from the home she loves. She doesn't know what I'm saying but she knows that tone and what it means.

The bath went very well. Both of us emerged wet but unscathed and one of us was very clean. And when my sunburnt cousins came for dinner they were quite impressed with my lovely clean white cat.


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