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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Accidental Tourist

Ever heard of that movie, "The Accidental Tourist"? Well, I never saw it, but the title kept popping into my head yesterday and today, as I was repeatedly mistaken for a tourist.

Yesterday I took my visitors downtown, where we spent most of the day meandering in and out of stores. We took one of those horse and buggy rides, which Piper and Dash loved. The tour guide was great, a fountain of information, and he was really funny too. Poor Emma couldn't understand half of what he said.

Emma and Joe were impressed with the police officer standing in full uniform, out in the sun, directing traffic. Joe had to have a photo of that.

We were asked numerous times if we wanted our hair braided and one woman even tried to offer us a family package. Piper got a couple of braids. It was very pretty, with hot pink beads in her long dark hair.

When we left the downtown area we were several pounds heavier with bags of souvenirs and "cool stuff" and we were exhausted! It was a good day.

Today they just hung out at Atlantis again while I catch up on a few things, errands, work etc, you know, all the things that keep my world spinning. We'll be getting together again tonight for dinner, they're taking me out tonight... and I'm very hungry :-)


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